Color Printer 6280

We’re currently testing a Xerox Phaser 6280 color printer.   The things we liked about this printer were:

1. Low purchase price for a DN model (network and duplex).   Approximately $400

2. Compatible supplies availability – at relatively low cost – CPP comes to about 8-10 cents.

3.  Speed: 27 PPM.

One of my service techs setup the 6280 with compatible cartridges.  Ran 100 pages.

Unfortunately on the left hand side, there are three recurring dots, probably from the black cartridge.  So, we’re not off to a good start with compatibles.

New cartridges are over $229 each so a complete set of four will put you back $916, or more than 2x the cost of the printer itself.  CPP will be running 15 cents a page for just the toner.

In addition, the printer is fairly big.  At 20 inches in height it’s not much smaller than an HP Color Laserjet 4650, which while huge, is quite reliable and considerably less expensive with respect to supplies.

Update 1/25/2012:  Received a replacement unit for the black cartridge with the dot.  So far works great.

Update: 3/5/2012.  The compatibles work OK as long as there is not a lot of solid page coverage.  Good for text, graphs and small pictures.  Makes a mess of it if you try anything with a lot of coverage.  Recommend this machine for relatively low monthly print volume.  The cost of new toner is prohibitive, so compatibles are essential unless you have a really big wallet.


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